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DSM Digital Shopping Mall

Airdrop Campaign

1 billion Digital Shopping Points (DSP) up for grabs


By joining DSM for free, during this period of free Founding Membership opportunities, you receive 1 DSP valued at $50,000. Additionally, you get another free DSP for each person invited into your referral network, extending up to 10 levels, until the 1 billion DSPs are fully distributed.

DSM introduces groundbreaking pre-ordering technology, empowering buyers to receive a price cut of up to 100 times (over 99% discount ) compared to prevailing market prices. This means your 1 DSP earned in this deal, valued at $50,000, can redeem products and services in the mall worth up to $5 million!

Invited by Giorgi Tsomaia (success)

DSM Ordinary Member
DSM Ordinary Member